Shorten delight saving

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Daylight saving. Some love it, most hate it. I am happy to compromise, so let’s try and make it shorter so the people that love it can still love it and the people that hate it don’t have to deal with it for six months. It makes our power bills bigger, and power is our biggest cost of living.

It starts beginning of October and if you ask anyone they will tell you it starts one month too soon as it is still dark in the morning and you need lights on to see what you are doing. A similar thing happens in the last month once again; it’s too dark and you need lights on again. More power, more money.

Another reason people detest daylight saving is children having to get up in the dark to get ready for school and go to bed in the daylight, that’s not the way it is supposed to be.

The sun doesn’t change the way it does things so why not go with it. If someone wants to get out of bed early do it, everyone else should not have to follow, unless they want to.

I know the farmers and their families and animals are going through hell at the moment and have been doing so for a long time now and we have a long way to go. The farmers having to feed their animals at a certain time as some call their animals up at a certain time and because of daylight saving the farmers have to call the animals up to feed them a different time which causes confusion for some.

With everyone’s help we might be able to make a change, I’m not asking for daylight saving to be dumped, I’m asking for it to be shortened.