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Petitioning The U.S. Congress and 2 others

government: seek reimbursement via Mexican gov.the millions spent on illegals in America

This will put the problems of illegal immigration in the control of the Mexican government and will solve the problem not only more rapidly, but will be fairer to the citizens of America who has to carry this burden through taxes. In all probability help change the way the government of Mexico to supply their citizens better in means of social programs and better pay. If they don't agree to take responsibility and then keep ignoring the problems they are solely responsible for, first drop Mexico from the NAFTA best trading partnership with the U.S. If this does nothing, next put a ban on all business between the U.S. and Mexico.

Letter to
The U.S. Congress
Marco Rubio
Congressman Randy weber
seek rembesrment via the Mexican gov.the millions spent on illegals monthly in america