Agricultural Backwardness: Cause of underdevelopment in Pakistan.

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The agricultural backwardness is one of the major causes of underdevelopment in Pakistan. Agriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan's economy contributing 23% share to GDP. Yet the rural societies rely largely on the primitive methods of  cultivation and harvesting, Pakistan has low yield per acre that means the average crop in Pakistan is just 1/4th of that of advance states. No mechanism has been adopted to eradicate soil erosion, water logging, salinity and the wastage of water. The government should make policies to make the agricultural sector work efficiently.There should be programs on educating the farmers and modernizing the farming culture. Feudalism should be abolished and lands should be allotted to poor farmers. This will  increase the productivity and per acre yield of all the crops in Pakistan. Government should provide modern agricultural inputs to farming community,  These inputs must be diversified and include approved or certified seed, good quality water for irrigation, fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides. The modern technology must be introduced by giving soft loans. There shall be efficient transport and marketing system.