Say no to social deprivation - imposed social distancing.

Say no to social deprivation - imposed social distancing.

2 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Abi James

Children need a free mind, warmth, love, care, and consistency, not confusion. Socially deprived children cannot function well in childhood nor in adulthood. Social Distancing will affect a child’s personality, and interpersonal skills, and more.

I am afraid of what Social distancing will do to our children when they return to school, the 6, 7, 8, 9- and 10-year olds when they return to school.  My 9-year-old grandson is worried his friends will no longer play with him in school. He is asking; “Nana, what do I do when I see my friends in school?”

Consistency improves the character of a child; allow them to play freely with their mates in school, on the school bus, on the street. Allow our children to have fun together. Do not pollute the minds of these Young Leaders of tomorrow with fear and confusion as the imposed social distancing will. Please allow our children to grow healthily!

Join me to appease the government not to steal our child/children’s childhood, health, and future with imposed fear.

Help me! They have turned the people on my street to remote-controlled robots”

I am afraid of what social distancing has down to my once friendly neighborhood.  Adults are now crossing to the other side of the road when they meet others on the street as if the plague is visible and can be seeing afar; neighbours no longer stop to have a friendly chat with their neighbours, no more friendly hellos on pathways because of the imposed fear of contracting Covid-19. People treat every other person as the plague itself.


I am a Natural Health Consultant and have done my research and found no correlation or scientific evidence that Social Distancing prevents the spread of Coronavirus. The impact/ consequences of social distancing will be more than that of COVID-19. This include:

Social Isolation


Increased mental health in children and adults

Increased racial hatred

Increased Crimes including homicide

Increased suicide rates

Increased Poverty

More hospital admissions for undiagnosed sicknesses and time off work, mental health, Obesity, eating disorder, to mention but a few and not to mention the further economic impact on society. Further strain on all key workers and the NHS.


We are not as confused as the government and see beyond them, especially what they trying to do to society.  Humans are social species that need one another to function appropriately, all human beings need love, warmth, care, and social connection. Hence, social distancing will be disastrous on the health and wellbeing of the nation, resulting in a tornado effect.

Please and please help me appease to the system (The government) of this world not to systematically infringe my human rights.

Thank you.

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Signatures: 58Next Goal: 100
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