safety over human rights

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Our London Boroughs are full of kids being mugged, attacked and killed.  They kids these days are being dragged up with no respect, morals or fear.  My son has been mugged twice in 2 weeks and the cases dropped due to new legislation from the government.  Unless it is a crime of over a certain amount, falls under a four point system which includes being caught on cctv committing the crime or knowing the offender.  These are both ridiculous and the youths these days are very clever to the police procedures.  Our government have made it easy to be a criminal, easy to sit at home and claim all benefits and easy to be a horrid human being.  We need tougher punishments, stop and search back on our streets and more money back into our policing.  Maybe if we cut the ease of claiming make people work and have tougher punishment this would not be happening so often.  The police are over run with youths causing havoc like riding mopeds with no helmets as they know they cannot be chased!! Human rights has gone crazy what about the human rights of innocent hard working victims, the children that have been brought up not to fight swear, that have morals and respect.  Why is it ok to be mugged and attacked but retaliation comes with a sentence.  Something needs to be done now and our government needs to come out of their protected luxury housing and see what it is like on the real streets.  See what it is like for children and parents to be scared of leaving their homes that they work hard for and spend all hours working or looking after their kids.  Something like a protest, I mean what would happen if vigilantes took to the streets and this is not far off happening.  Unless the government want this to ruin out country and gang culture take over we need to make a stand and make them listen.  Stop all the handouts or there will be blood on their hands protect the innocent and not the criminals.

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