Revoke Drink Drug & Uninsured Drivers License's It's time 4 change in the United Kingdom.

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After the shocking footage from a truck drivers on-board Dash Cam shows the moments when a drink-driver, 32-year-old Tania Chikwature, launched her car into the air with her 19-month-old son still strapped in his car seat dangerously overtook an HGV / LGV and failed to negotiate a roundabout correctly near Peterborough services. I myself being a victim of a drink driver, who lost his life back in 2002. I'm one of the lucky one's still here today, to be able to state my story. I'm now stepping up to the plate with this online petition to have the laws changed that all Drink, Drug & uninsured Drivers have their Licences' instantly revoked on court attendance & find £1,000 pound. We all earn this privilege to drive on our roads, so if these individuals don't get this then they shouldn't be entitled to have this privilege at all. Theirs "No Excuses for Drink, Drug or to be uninsured while driving on a public road. The amount of family that have their lives turned upside down because of these individuals really needs for this change, before it might end up affecting you & your family members, if it hasn't already.

I ask that you all you join me in trying to make a difference for every family within the united Kingdom, that have already had life changing circumstances hit their family.   I ask that you kindly sign this petition & get all your family members to kindly do the same, to have the UK Government to change the laws as stated in this above petition. That all Drink, Drug & Uninsured drivers be made accountable for their action & to have the licenses revoked & to receive a £1,000 pound fine.

I thank you for taking the time to read over this petition & hopefully standing by me to have these laws Changed. 


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