Help me get Westminster to better support parents of premature and sick babies.

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We had our beautiful son Logan unexpectedly 7 weeks early at the end of August 2018. I was only 33 weeks pregnant when I had him. My pregnancy was completely uneventful up to that point and we had absolutely no indication Logan would be born premature. In fact, being my first child, everyone had convinced me he would be late. 

After Logan’s early arrival, we found ourselves catapulted into an unplanned and extremely stressful situation - life in a Neo Natal Unit. 

Before I had Logan, I was completely naive to this situation and the impact it can have on the families affected (in the short and long term). Nobody plans on having their babies in the Neo Natal Unit and I can tell you it’s stressful enough on families without having the additional worry about wages and the pressure put on partners to go back to work. 

We were lucky and got Logan out after two weeks but some families are not as fortunate. I know some families who have spent months in the Neo Natal. I think the government need to seriously assess how this situation impacts parents. Personally, I believe any time spent for either parent in a Neo Natal Unit with premature or sick babies should be paid and it should not impact either parent’s entitlement to leave. It should be reclassified as something else - you are caring for a sick child in hospitalnot on maternity or paternity leave!

The purpose of this petition is to try to help raise awareness of this issue and hopefully bring about a change to better support families finding themselves in this situation in the future.

The relevant legal powers are currently reserved to Westminster. Please help me raise awareness of this issue and help push through a change in legislation to help families in the future.