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Tax payers & Jobseeker’s Allowance

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All idea to start a petition come because I assign petitions when I think there is injustice and the only fight that I support is the word of God that englobe all that us can think like,justice,true ,believe and God is all of that.... since now I want appreciate all the persons who assign or just lose a few minutes to read and understand my “fight”. Thank you And God bless you all.
Hi, when I assign the petition I doe’t because I believe in God and when I make something I’m not waiting for rewards I just want that my signature make the difference and he make it because I share with some of my contacts and one of them assign to, that is already good because I know if each share make one more signature this never stop growing. But now I’m out and is for personal reasons. I’m in England almost at 3 years, since I arrived I work and near 60 hours weekly and I pay until 16/11/2017 around £100 taxes every week. For health reasons in October I get sick and I ask support,the support that I have is live on the street or work sick and I’m on the second option until the day that I can’t work . Since I ask “help” Jobseeker’s Allowance and everything legal because I pay taxes I was thinking for that, what I get is people that get wages because me and millions of people pay taxes for them , they treat me like a dog worst because a dog if get that treatment he bite but I can’t bite and I can’t do nothing.. the only thing I can do is try and ask to God to give me health to work and try save some money to get out of this country because for me when I stop believing in anything there is no reason to go further... sow what I ask is a petition to check the English sistem of support because who works hard like me and some thousands for shore don’t get support and a few millions that make kids just to get benefits live and new flats without pay a penny and money in there account to do whatever and just with my legal work and the other tax payers get that and I’m living in a hostel and have to pay if not I’m homeless and to get a room I need have money to a deposit and rent but like I told u sick is hard and believe me I look for all legal support but no chance.... really hope that you spend a few minutes to you see if you can do something because this I’m not asking for my benefit I’m asking for all hardworking persons that see England like a land of opportunity because there is plenty work and jobs is true but the worst when u claim something that you worked for what you get is all that I explain in this short letter.
Thank you for all ,and good bless you

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