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Respect for our Australian Flag

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How many MP’s in Australia proudly fly our National flag outside their electoral office?

The answer is NONE!

All public hospitals in Australia have been instructed to hoist the ABORIGINAL FLAG in place of the Aussie flag and they are doing it right now! 

Legislation clearly specifies the position of any or all flags:

A letter sent directly by myself to the Prime Minister asking for respect, honour and adherence to this legislation received the reply (From a staffer) that “we leave it up to our MP’s and other organisations to handle this issue as they see fit!)

The RSL Clubs of AUSTRALIA including their most senior management have ALL refused to address this matter in spite of the fact some FIFTY THOUSAND Aussie soldiers FOUGHT and DIED to protect and honour our Flag!

At present the Australian Flag can be subjected to the following WITHOUT ANY ACTION BEING TAKEN AGAINST THE PERPETRATORS:

Burnt, ripped, torn, urinated on, torn down, defecated on, stamped on, forcibly removed, sworn or jeered at plus total disrespect shown without any fear of persecution from our Government authorities!

Local, State and National bodies refuse point blank to even address this disgusting situation and in the interim the Aboriginal Flag continues to slowly but surely replace our flag at place after place!


Look around your area and take note of this insidious but Government supported matter that continues to worsen because the Aboriginals MUST NOT BE OFFENDED!

You and I can be offended but at present there is not a thing we can do about it!

Your call ........... but if you’re the typical Aussie who is just so apathetic and simply don’t care then forget this petition altogether! 

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