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It was 7 am in the morning and  I woke up and as usual Took a glimpse of newspaper and in front page I read a very shamed and Brutal human nature news of aashifa...Really it made me cry when I realize that in this toy age of this girl what she is suffering after that I felt Soo ashamed when I realized that political parties are giving showing fake  sympahty and collecting votes and doing politics even there also in name of AASHIFA....��

I turned the next page and saw handful  news like aashifa,like in my hometown Mahoba A father allegedly rapes her daughter but difference was that they all were in a very small column as if these girls are different from aashifa and My mahoba youths are so blind over these news that they change their dp for aashifa but never protest for their town or neighbour girl...Is they all girls are different??? They too are girls and same has happened with them too and why we are not fighting and compaigning for them ??? It is because probably that until it comes to us no one care and politician are also not coming because they know here is no crowd to gather vote.INDIA IS A COUTRY WHERE PEOPLE ARE SO FEAR STRICKEN AND BACKWARD CLASS THAT IN PLACE OF STANDING WITH RAPE VICTIM THEY BLAME FOR WEARING SHORT DRESS AND SEXUAL ASSAULT,FIGHTING FOR HER IS LIKE CARRYING A STONE FROM MILES AWAY... Plz stand for your neighbour or city girl who has suffered before that it comes to you...Hope you will sign this petition...not for me...FOR YOUR DAUGHTER AND SISTERS...