Raising Awareness About Unpleasant Effects of Kite Flying

Raising Awareness About Unpleasant Effects of Kite Flying

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N.K. Bagrodia Public School, Rohini started this petition to Government

Once a playtime activity, kite-flying these days has become a matter of grave concern. In due course of time the love for kite flying turned into kite fighting - the idea being cutting opponents' string or Manja in the desire to win, so a new Manja was born. This beautiful vibrant manja made of Nylon are coated with the broken glass which is glued to it.

For a lot of people, kite flying is no longer a recreational sport. Flyers are using dangerous strings that are coated with metal or crushed glass mixed with glue, to help cut the strings of rival kites in hotly-contested flying contests.

In the past five years, flyers have started using nylon strings laced with glass, which are stronger, and more dangerous, than regular kite strings. These strings do not snap easily, and have been blamed for the recent deaths.

Falling kite strings can be lethal.
They catch unsuspecting bikers across the throat, often killing them.

Metal-coated strings that fall upon electricity lines and overhead power cables, become the reason for the people to be electrocuted while trying to retrieve their kites. These strings also cause short-circuits and power outages.

Soon traditional festival proved fatal for thousands of innocent birds that get injured by the glass coated threads that cut and entangles to cause fractures, mutilation of wings and fatal nerve injuries. 

Kite strings aren't the only reason kite flying can be dangerous.
Many fliers fall to their death from unguarded terraces while flying and chasing kites. Chasing falling kites also leads to road accidents.

There have been many attempts to make kite-flying safer - or ban it altogether.
There are laws against flying kites with abrasive strings in many states like Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujarat have banned it, and the capital, Delhi has a near four-decade old law which bans flying kites that could cause "danger, injury or alarm to persons, animal or property".

But the law is difficult to enforce and many kite enthusiasts buy or make such strings at home illegally.

It is almost impossible for the police to track down a person whose falling kite has killed somebody. And some die-hard kite flyers are reluctant to give up glass-coated strings.

Kite flying will remain a much-loved sport in India - and making it safer will be difficult.
No one realizes that their skies of celebration are turned into death fields for the local and migratory bird populations. '  The number of injuries has risen over the years as more and more kites have started competing for space with birds.

In the absence of proper safety measures and lack of awareness : We the students of N.K. BAGRODIA PUBLIC SCHOOL, ROHINI urge all of you to say "NO TO KITES".

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