Putting Bicycle Lanes On Road

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  • Putting bike lanes can be a way to encourage other people to use bike's for transportation,also if we encourage them to use bicycle transformation we can help to stop global warming.
  • Using bicycle  always can help to reduce air pollution 
    Bike lanes help define road space for bikes and for cars,promoting a more orderly flow of traffic,also bike lanes allow bicyclist to move at their own pace.
  • Provide an are of people in wheelchairs to travel where there are no sidewalks,or sidewalks are in need to reaper 
  • Provide emergency vehicles room to maneuver around stopped traffic,decreasing response time 
    Increase clear space between parked cars and moving vehicles
  • Bike lanes remind drivers that bicyclist are roadway users,too.
  • Enforce the concept that bicyclists are roadway users and should behave like other vehicle operators
  • Provide an added buffer for pedistrians between sidewalks and thru traffic.This is important when young children are walking,biking,or playing on curbdside sidewalks 
  • Provide a place for wheelchairs users to turn on and off curb cut ramps away from moving traffic
  • Increase the comfort level for bicyclists in traffic
  • We must do this project for the city of La Union 
  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E85HMNJix_o