Proposition to the Government: Adopting students drug-testing program in every college.

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Summary: The primary purpose of drug testing is to help students already using become drug-free. Drug testing allows for early detection and intervention.

Personal story: My name is Irna Sameeraz Jafferbeg I am very concerned about the impact caused. Synthetic drugs nowadays are especially popular amongst teenagers due to their high level of accessibility. .. Many of these teens aren’t aware of how dangerous these substances can be. .. These psychoactive drugs can produce many adverse effects. I believe putting a Synthetic Drug Testing in college goal into law would make a big difference for our next generation.

The issue: Synthetic drug is highly addictive, and its availability makes its use quite appealing to teens and college students. Synthetic drug can be very dangerous, possibly even deadly. Side effects include: Anxiety Heart attacks Hallucinations Paranoia Seizures Kidney damage High blood pressure. Teens may experiment with other drugs once they have formed a drug tolerance. Once the tolerance deepens, teens can then develop a dependence or craving, thus becoming addicted. Our teens need help. .. The primary purpose of drug testing is not to punish students who use drugs, but to deter use and guide those who test positive into counseling or treatment.

Take action! Government MUST stand against drug abuse by implementing student synthetic drug testing programs in Mauritius. .. When a school adopts a drug testing program, it sends a clear message: Drug abuse is not tolerated here! We need your voice to help our next generation!!!