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Promote equity, to regain equality.

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The saying "as a person gets more wealthy, another dwells in poverty." goes on generation through generation, we Filipinos remain blinded by our extreme "desire" for our rights as a Filipino citizen, while other Filipinos/immigrants live their lives in paradise.

We Filipinos are much focused on things or issues that are very evident in the society, small issues like extra judicial killings, unorthodox policemen etc. that most of us are not fully affected.; little did we know that there are more issues that are needed more focus like the application of equity among the Filipino community. This is a much bigger issue for me because this is the root of all the smaller issues. For example:

  • Poverty (the top issue in our country) - This is naturally caused by the lack of application of equity. As people gets much wealthier, other people gets poorer because it is human in nature to be obsessed with money that causes people to be selfish and abjure. Whereas when equity is prevalent the rich may remain the rich, but the poor will be no more.

In conclusion. You should start the change where you yourself is the starting point because the government will just help in distributing equal human rights to us Filipino citizens.

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