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Government & Power Companies: People are being forced from their homes. Give us a choice to remove & refuse the smart meter

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In a country such as Australia you expect to feel safe in your home, you expect the Government and authorities to provide protection, and perhaps above all you expect to have a right of choice over matters both large and small that affect your life. Unfortunately for me these beliefs and my life have been turned on its head courtesy of the Government mandating the power companies to use their ‘best endeavours’ to install smart meters on my home and all the homes & businesses in Victoria.
Last night I lay in bed clutching my chest as electric shock type sensations surged through me. This has been a normal occurrence since the installation of a smart meter onto my home. Previously my house had been my sanctuary, now it is my hell. I have become sleep deprived through regular painful shocks to my head, my heart and my bones. I have head pain, bone pain and chest pain, heart palpitations, burning eyes and so on. I start each day in a zombie like state of tiredness, pain and disorientation.
These are all common symptoms for someone considered electro sensitivity and from my encounters with others I have come to learn that thousands of people have been affected. It is claimed that 3% of the population have this sensitivity and with the saturation of ‘smart’ technology and wi fi this number will only increase. This figure accords with my experience and conversations with others for whom the introduction of the smart meter was a life changing event of the very worst type.
My Doctor told me to get out of my house even if I had to sleep in the park. While I have tried this I ask, 'should I have to leave my home to feel safe?! 'She said I have a tremor on my brain and high levels of radiation which matched the symptoms experienced. Now the symptoms are chronic and each day is a struggle. Letters to the local, state and federal politicians, the energy company and the energy minister go unheard while they send letters of response advising that the authorities assure them smart meters are safe! Meanwhile I have had to re-mortgage my home and spend most of my income to pay for protective devises and medical bills.
My request to have the ‘smart’ meter removed has been refused, and my rights to health and to live safely in my own home are ignored. I am now facing the only action I can take which is to sell my home and join the many others who have already been forced to shift interstate where this curse has at least for the moment not yet spread. This smart meter is making me ill and causing me to leave my job, my loved ones and community behind. It is hard to believe this is happening in Australia. The Government is actually creating refugees in their own country.
While the authorities assure us 'smart’ meters are safe the outdated Australian standards do not cover long term non thermal effects. These Australian standards are far behind the rest of the world and the smart meter on my house has not even been through a certification process.
The truth is that smart meter programs have encountered problems and challenges from those suffering ill health throughout the world. The roll out has had to be halted in many countries in the face of opposition and human rights concerns, and yet in Victoria the authorities blithely assure us that everything is OK.
I would contend that everything is far from OK. Research shows ‘smart’ meters are unsafe. Emissions given off by smart meters have even been classed as a possible human carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation. Other countries have ‘woken up’ and stopped the roll out or at the very least given people a choice. Why can’t Australia? Have we really become a country of bullies and fools!
Of course there are a range of other issues with the smart meter. These can be considered further at However, my focus here is on the ignorance surrounding the roll out of the ‘smart’ meter, and refusal to listen to those adversely affected by this decision and the obvious health issues.
Please sign my petition to tell the Government, power companies installing the smart meters to wake up to common sense and let people have a choice to refuse the installation of the ‘smart’ meter and/or have them removed. Please send this petition to your email list and social media and help me get this smart meter removed so I can live in peace, regain my health and even get a good night sleep!

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