Nigerian Universities Students Needs more Accomodation(hostel)

Nigerian Universities Students Needs more Accomodation(hostel)

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Started by Usman Jonga

Providing more accomodations for student will enhance alot of student performance.

It will also ensure maximum student safety as institutions are well protected.

It will reduce cost for accomodation out side school .

It will interrelate different ethnicity, interstate.

Student Accommodation Inculcates the Habit of Sharing:

While living in student accommodations, a student might be required to share common spaces like bathrooms, study rooms, bedrooms and the like. Students might also share personal belongings with other roommates. This habit of sharing spaces and things helps a student in learning the art of sharing and living together getting past trivial differences. 

Student Accommodation Helps In Living Independently:

Students learn not only to live with others and share things, but also learn to live on their own. Living alone and independently is a habit (or a practice) that every individual must grow into. Therefore, student accommodation helps one gain emotional independence and trains one to sustain independently.

Accommodations play a very important role in a student’s life. Without the assurance of safe and healthy living space, one cannot concentrate on things that are vital, like coursework and research. Therefore, it is essential that students and their caregivers look into the matter of providing a living space first, and then tend to the other aspects of college life.  


32 have signed. Let’s get to 50!