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People Rights !

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First of all may i ask you some question do you agree for discrimination and not equality ? absolutely "NO", because all of individuals have don't want to discriminating each other. Beacuse nowadays every community is there is a lot of work or attention to do and they don't know what happening around, and also every person they have not been able to achieve the independence and standards because of the power of the people who are abusing it like the culprit for the people's money and killing the people who are not first-handed to the police to be able to deal with the case that others will kill them immediately without the enemy's fight and because it may speak involved there too.and for me this is one of the issues of the Philippines that should be changed soon enough so as not to worsen and get further damages to other innocent peopleand to avoid such events as I think what to do to help as one of the human teams is just responsible for every move and think carefully about every action.and this issue should be the government's attention to not only watching the reaction of the people before they act and make the way.To conclude my issue that must be changed in our country we need to unite not only the wealthy poor to the poor we must all be equally created by God because we have a life mission to make it not just the few who are abusing because they have the power or place in town

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