Justice For Hafiz Hunain Bilal!

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Recently a student, Hafiz Hunain, was murdered by a school teacher, Kamran Hashmi, for not memorizing a lesson.

We would like to shed some light on this very unfortunate and savage incident especially on the bigger picture at hand. Hafiz was a son of a loving mother and father and an elder brother to his younger siblings, this child was mercilessly snatched away from this adoring family and from the chance to live out a full and happy life by a barbaric a monster, Muhammad Kamran.

Muhammad Kamran a teacher to Hafiz Hunain went against the rules set by the Education Department of Pakistan where they clearly state that Corporeal Punishment is illegal further on it can never to be used as a punishment in an educational institution unfortunately this was not being followed by the institution of DNK School Systems.

Muhammad Kamran who viciously attacked Hafiz Hunain by thrashing his head against a wall multiple times until his saddened death for the mere reason he didn't know the answer to a question. Muhammad Kamran then proceeded to discuss this issue amongst his Branch head, Shahid Chugtai who also proceeded to discuss with DNK School System Management rather than taking Hafoz Hunain to the hospital.

Even though we are American Lycetuff we would like to take this moment to highly encourage you to realize that DNK School Systems are not a part of our system and never have been. We would never allow such brutal and barbaric acts to happen in our branches and never will!

This sad incident could have been avoided had these unjust hypocrites using the name Of American Lycetuff and were fraudulently running these illegal schools were dealt with in a befitting manner, though two F. I.A teams had removed their illegal boards and sealed their bank accounts, they are still working from their fox holes to cheat the public at large and doing such brutal acts and allowing such acts to continue.
It could have been avoided

The system is destroying the pieces of evidence and covering the incident along with threats to the victims family. We appeal the government of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Bozdar to serve justice for this poor child and his family.


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