Make Mental Health Education a Requirement in All States

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  • Mental illness is an epidemic that is affecting people all over the world. I believe it is important to educate young students on the topic of mental illness, just like they are educated on other health topics.
  • The average age to show early signs of mental illness is 14 years old, and most people don't seek help until adulthood. That’s plenty of years that students go untreated because they aren’t educated about what could possibly be going on.
  • We are taught at a young age that sickness is something you can see. It’s very obvious when someone is coughing or sneezing that they probably have a cold. What’s not so obvious to most people is when a student has anxiety or depression.
  • We are taught to hide these things and not tell people because it’s “taboo”. I believe mental health is a conspiracy of silence that not only our government leaders refuse to address, but most of society won’t accept.
  •  Back in July 2018, New York was the first state in the nation to require mental health education for students. Although many have made progress and have started to initiate mental health programs in schools, it is important that all states follow in New York’s steps to result in positive health for all students.