Keep drugs away from your life

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Did you know that since 2007 more than 300,000 people have joined in on using heroin? Drug deaths are only increasing and also car crash deaths have increased as well due to this increase in drug use. In 2009 a study showed that 18% of car crash drivers tested positive for at least one harmful drug.

I have never seen someone using drugs or on drugs but drugs are all over TV networks and newspapers. In 2015 52,404 people died from drug abuse only in the US. More and more people are dying but also younger and younger people are dying from drug overdose. If you walked into a -high school classroom around ⅔ of the students would have either been asked if they want drugs or have used drugs.  Although crack, meth, and heroin are dangerous alcohol is also a huge problem with all people. Nearly one-third of traffic-related deaths have involved someone being drunk or on drugs.

Many people smuggle drugs through boats or planes and since you can earn big money many people are doing business with people all over the world. Airport security and other securities need to step up and stop these drug smugglers. Hospitals are already taking action and opening up drug addiction centres were people who are addicted to drugs can stay and get help. Many of these centres have actually been quite successful and have helped many people.

I also think governments and other important companies can help keep drugs away from young people and teach them that's it's not only harming them and that it's also not worth the pleasure. They will be able to influence future generations and hopefully decrease drug-related deaths. You can sign my petition and help decrease drug deaths and keep young people or even all people away from drugs.