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Petitioning Minister for Education Peter Collier MLC and 1 other

Government of Western Australia: Reverse decision on Education funding cuts.

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison."
Education should be the recipient of funding increases and not cuts. Short term management of school funding will result in longer term expenditure and costs, as social ills will only increase through lack of education. A child may attend school, but unless there is sufficient staff to engage, to teach, to motivate and inspire, then many children will leave school without having been educated.

Letter to
Minister for Education Peter Collier MLC
Premier Colin Barnett MLA
Reverse decision on Education funding cuts.

Your decision to cut funding to our education system flies in the face of all reputable research. Even those researchers who you have cited have grave concerns over the cuts you propose. Their research was undertaken around a funding model, and your attempts to hide behind this research as if it supports your decision is nothing short of misleading and shows a lack of respect - to the people of WA and the original researchers.

Furthermore, your comments such as "I'm getting a little bit tired about everyone being so negative about the great state of WA where things are really very, very good and prosperous," leaves us to wonder a) if this state is so prosperous, then where is the money? b) if this state is so prosperous should we not have an education system second to none and c) if you have forgotten that those people being negative are part of a democratic society where free opinion, free speech and regular elections are still in existence.