Eden Beach Estate needs it's Primary School!

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Reasons why Eden Beach needs it's Primary School built asap

People who bought land prior to 2017 were told there was definitely going to be a primary school built in the estate by 2020 and signage along the land earmarked for the school clearly displayed the advertised opening date as 2020 9until it was recently removed). This was a significant factor in many people chosing to live in the estate. 

The Dept. of Housing website still advertises Eden Beach Estate as expecting a primary school in 2020.

The demographic of Eden Beach estate has changed dramatically since the last census in 2016, as many young families have since moved into the estate and existing residents have had new children. 

There are NO primary schools in the suburb of Jindalee at all, which means all residents of this suburb have to cross Marmion Ave to neighbouring suburbs for primary schools. Residents of Eden Beach estate are now confronted with John Butler Primary School as their only catchment option and are not guaranteed a place in any other surrounding school, which is an issue for a few reasons.

1.       It requires residents of Eden Beach to cross Marmion Ave to get their children to school. This not only poses a safety risk for children walking, as it is not a designated school zone, but also creates a huge amount of traffic at this intersection as people drive their children to that school.

2. There is no public transport available in Eden Beach estate which means children are faced with a long walk across a main arterial road or parents must drive them, which causes increased congestion in the area.

3.       If a school were available in Eden Beach Estate as planned, parents could walk their children to school, which is not only safer, but also healthier for families, as well as helping to reduce to congestion on Marmion Avenue.

4. John Butler Primary school does not have a very good reputation and Eden Beach residents should not be forced to send their chidlren there as there are no other options, given they were promised a school by 2020. 

5. Residents have been informed by large banks that not having the school as promised devalues our land by about 30K.