Fees Redemption

Fees Redemption

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Kshitij Priyadarshi started this petition to GOVERNMENT OF UTTRAKHAND and

Respected official,

This is regarding the Annual Academic Fee Submission for the session 2020-2021.Our parents are in complete Denial of paying the full amount.

Reasons are many and genuine, kindly think on the decisions made by the

institutions by taking it as personal, like somebody's parents/Guardians.

• Many Parents have lost their Jobs during Covid-19.

• Many Students study on Loans.

■ Many students are from Farmers' families.

• Many Parents are getting half of the salary.

•Businesses have been under huge losses.

Most of us and our families have been affected by this pandemic financially one way or the other.

Our parents wish to know on what grounds, the amount for various facilities are

being charged even when the Institution is Closed since 4-5 months and will be

closed in the coming months until the situation normalises.

■ Electricity, water, Chemicals, Medical facilities, security. Labs, WiA, Books,

Library, Extra Co-curricular activities, and cultural events, all other facilities are

not in use since months.

Our Requests -

• Rolling back electricity, water, lab, library fee(other academic service fees) from the former fee structure as these fees  should no longer be applicable on the grounds of student not partaking in any of these facilities owing to the lockdown.

•Also in the previous semester we did go to the college for just 2-3 months, we also want that fees to be adjusted accordingly.

• After Reduction in fee, fee to be paid in Atleast 3-4 installments.

•It must be promulgated that we are ready to pay fee that is legitimate and reasonable and hence, have no problem in paying tuition fee. However, we do have a problem with paying other fees aforementioned that  are grossly exploitative and unreasonable on part of college admin.

• Charges for above mentioned points to be scrapped for this session.

We students and parents completely understand and know the situation at

present time, we all urge you to kindly rethink about the decisions on individual

basis as a parent of somebody.

If the situation would have not been like this, students and their parents would

also have not come up with such requests or demands.

At last we are hoping for your kindly consideration and cooperation with students

and their parents by understanding the dynamics of this Covid-19 period.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!