Restore and Protect Rifa-e-Aam Club, Lucknow

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Rifa-e-Aam, where literary events were held to provide Rifa (happiness) to people. When the signboards outside several clubs and gymkhanas signaled 'dogs and Indians' to stay out, Rifa-e-Aam welcomed dissenting voices, credit for which goes to the liberal Raja of Mahmudabad. 

This club has great importance in the independence of India. The historic Lucknow Pact was signed at this session, marking an understanding between the parties to collectively pressurize the British government for greater autonomy and the transfer of power to India.

The Rifa-e-Aam Club is now a garbage dump. The building is deteriorating and the structure has developed ever-widening cracks. Vandals have etched their names on the walls and even cart away material. Weeds stick out of the walls from which the plaster is crumbling. There are two families who have occupied a few rooms and the terrace.

Please sign my petition asking the Government and the ASI to-
- Restore and protect Rifa e Aam club
- To ensure that the campus of the club remains clean and maintained
- If possible, give it Protected Monumnet status 

Please come forward and save the landmarks of our Independence Movement.