Help build in "River bridge" to ease life of thousands of peoples

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We need you support in building a River bridge on "Tanwas river" at Bandighat - Saryan route, Tehsil Mohammadabad Gohna, Distt-Mau, UP, India. wherein people of 8-10 villages comprises of 15K-20K people resides on other side of the river and daily commute via boat to cross river and reach tehsil headquarter (THQ)"Mohhammadabad Gohna" or distt headquarter(DHQ) "Maunath Bhanjan". They need to travel to THQ/DHQ for business/education/shopping/daily needs/Medical needs etc.

They faces daily problems in terms of getting emergency medical access, doing their routine business, senior citizens not able to travel in absence of public conveyance, women having issues in reaching out to markets, students seeking educations need to reach to THQ/DHQ and faces conveyance issues and likewise everyday problems. THQ distance from the villages ranges from 3-7 Kms, however in absence of bridge has led to absence of public conveyance. Even those who have personal conveyance can not travel though their own. 

It is a much needed basic need to those residents and a mean to raise their  way of living . This area is largely very backward due to lack of road connectivity from THQ and DHQ  and does not have any facilities or even first aid, and mainly dependent on THQ. Residents of the area have raised their voice repeatedly from a long time however it remain unheard. politician use to beg votes with a commitment of build bridge however they disappear post elections. 

Seeing the lackadaisical and negligent approach of administration and govt., residents of area decided to build a bridge on their own. They attempted to build a temporary structure using bamboo and wood on their own contribution so that 2-wheeler can pass through. they managed to succeed in it even and it is ready for use for cycle and motorcycles. However this being temporary structure and does not have any structural proofing, people risk their life commuting through this structure. 

we seek your support in building permanent bridge to ease life of residents.