Limit PAY packages to £37000 per annum in UK, with High-Tech Support for better SUSTAINABLE and Peaceful working environment.

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Limit PAY packages to £37000 per annum in UK, with High-Tech Support for better SUSTAINABLE and Peaceful working environment.

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ANWAR FARUQH started this petition to Government of UK and European Union. (Prime Minister , 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA, UK.) and

Replace those staff earning more than £37k pa, with multiple members of Fellow HUMAN BEINGS , with some other Living Beings , for every HUMAN BEING to get an opportunity to EARN a REASONABLE LIVELIHOOD.

This policy ensures a stable DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP with High-Tech Support of  IT for better SUSTAINABLE and Peaceful working environment without frequent strikes and disturbances in public life of the citizens.


Instead of having some TOO-HEAVILY-PAID-TOP PEOPLE, better to have many members of the fellow citizens with a reasonably adequate salaries to live in cooperation with other fellow living beings in peace.

We all know very well the open secret of the highly paid top people and what they do with their too much pay packages and their families, children' education, their organisation-mates (colleagues? ) at work.

Every living being wants some limited amount of living resources, facilities / money for self-sustenance, happiness, safety, security and satisfaction in life.

Many of the facilities and supporting resources are already provided to everyone by their workmates, companies, High-Technology Gadgets like PC, Smart phones, iPads, Tablets, Airlines, High Speed Travel systems, Clean and High Speed Roads and other resources and facilities which are the results of the hard work of the other fellow human beings, communities and governments.

Some evils of too much pay packages are :


  1. Non-Recognition of the support given by their fellow work-mates

  2. Non-Appreciation of the help, support and cooperation extended by their work-mates and fellow citizens and the fruits of the Research & Development undertaken by the community projects in various fields- like Cheaper Smartphones, Tablets / iPads or Androids and Computers / Laptops, Transportation, Housing, Food and Clothing, etc.

  3. Simply INDIGESTION due to too much consumerism

  4. Alcoholic and Drug Misuse, due to too much opportunity made available due to too much pay packages and High-Society misuses.

  5. Power-Madness and the resulting inhuman behaviour.

  6. Neglect of their own bodies and long term peaceful sustenance.

  7. Neglect of their own families- spouses, children and fellow living beings at all places, due to too much freedom offered by the too heavy pay package.

  8. Too many cars and too much carbon footprints- Environment is polluted due to too much misuse of public facilities and natural resources of the limited nature of the Mother Earth planet.   

  9. Because of their too much self-centredness and too much selfishness, their homes are losing their love or moral authority over their children in regulating and encouraging higher education, globally competitive life-skills and professional-skills.

  10. Because of neglect, discouragement, non-appreciations in any effective or meaningful manner, many children of highly paid parent(s) & lower level employees of big corporate houses/ governments  have medical, psychological and behavioural problems making the future generations and citizens very problem-prone.

  11. School Children violence, Bullying, Mis-behaviour, lack of learning of the much needed skills of peacefully progressive life & vocations, in a more sustainable environment-friendly manner.

  12. Losing love & human understanding among family lives, Corporate lives and Team Lives.

  13. Too much pay packets are increasing harmful corporate politics and manipulating-diplomacy with sweet swords, to increase High-tech Slavery and sophisticated INEQUALITY, Digital & Physical Harassments in various ways, whiling away times , wasting various resources including HR & increasing OBESITY and other Risky Health Styles !

  14. Chain reactions in a very unpredicted and negative directions in the society and its Peace and tranquility !

  15. Many other reasons are there including Non-distributed leadership, even though all the people are contributing to the overall leadership of all the organisations, without any big positions- the top people are simply exploiting the lower level staff and people.

If we ban paying above £37k, the commonly occurring frequent unrest, strikes would be minimised to almost nil level. Thus saved financial resources can be used in increasing employment to many of our fellow citizens of different abilities and first-time employees and entrepreneurs.

This also gives us a chance to look after our fellow animals or other living beings of our mother Earth in a better caring manner, without polluting and over-usage of natural resources and wasting family / team times of care and love !

It also greatly encourages inventions, careful work
along with the fellow citizens/ team-members. This results gradually in a lot of creativity to compete globally and help our country-mates readily and more effectively !
- as we all know “ Necessity is the mother of invention !”
By limiting the pay, we create a slightly healthy necessity ( like slight hunger for better appetite and subsequent healthy & happy life for all !)


     JRF Programme Paper of
    Minimum Income Standards  :


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This petition had 11 supporters