Trinidad and Tobago! It's been to long! Make exemptions for Trini crew stuck on ships

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ATTENTION!! CREW MEMBERS NEED YOUR HELP! Ladies and gents the cruise industry has been on pause since March 14th 2020 due to Covid 19! All cruises since then had been cancled and no guest were permitted to sail! The back bone of these cruise lines the crew has been stuck on these ships since then! 5 CREW MEMBERS HAVE ALREADY LOST THEIR LIVES this month alone! Not because of the Corona Virus! The CDC mandates that these ships be on level 3 lock down! Meaning a stay in your cabin order has been in place for all crew and heavy social distancing strickly observed! That's over 60 days already we have been practicing heavy social distancing! Crew are only allowed to leave their cabins for meals and fresh air which also means one has to be in that cabin for 20+ hours a day. Mental health , uncertainty, anxiety lost of wages and constant worrying are main factors! Things are getting better as many crew have made their way home! St Lucia, Grenada, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, England, Ireland, Wales, Serbia, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico Peru ect.... All these governments have accepted their citizens that are also crew members that worked on these vessels. Even Jamaica who has 400+ cases of covid 19 are accepting over 1000 of their nationals that are crew! The government of Trinidad and Tobago who boasts of having just 1 case remaining of the corona virus is refusing to let their citizens that work on ships return! They are forgetting that we are someone's son, daughter, father, mother who left Trinidad to go to work and make an honest living for their families! Most importantly we are Citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago! We call no other place home! Ladies and gents stuck in a cabin with only your own thoughts is a very dangerous place to be! I urge you to sign this petition and get us Trini's home! These ships are beginning to look empty and we'll be all that are left behind, along with the minimum crew needed for the safe handling of the ship! We do not just WANT to come home! We NEED to go home to our families! who miss us dearly everyday! Who knows we are blatantly lieing when we say we're fine and everything is going to be OK! To the Honorable Prime Minster Dr Keith Rowley and Minister of National Security Stuart Young, we beg that you exempt us and let us come home! We have no problem being tested and doing another 14 days or however long, as long as we're able to go home to our families! To citizens of Trinidad and Tobago I say to you, we have been away from all countries and ppl for over 60days. We have had our temperature checked every day and now twice daily! If any of us have had  the corona virus, we would have recovered by now or be dead! If facilities are the issue, We have no problem being tested and then quarentining at our own/respectful homes! These cruise lines have been doing their best to keep us safe, but it's time for us to come home! Please don't wait for a Trini to be on international news for not surviving this! I plead with you imagine it being your mother, father, son or daughter becuase this is the reality! God bless whom ever this petition passes over! Please sign!