Ban Fireworks or Restrict its Use

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Our pets are live, feeling creatures.  They cannot speak for themselves so they depend on us to understand them and their need to be protected.  They are part of our families.  Fireworks used indiscriminately cause severe trauma for pets.  These poor animals are near a heart attack from fear and why?  Because we want to celebrate in a way that is grandiose, inconsiderate and selfish.  No pet should have to suffer like this for the sake of our own selfish enjoyment.  

Either we find a way to have designated areas or restrict the use of fireworks or ban it altogether.  Surely no one needs to have a display of fireworks for an entire 9 hour period.  Designate an area and a time slot for special occasions and events and enforce the laws stringently.  

We have to stand up and make our voices heard.  Fireworks must be banned or regulated more stringently.  For the sake of those poor animals who cannot stand up for themselves.