Change the name of the Philippines to Maharlika

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Magellan named the country and its people after Felipe II of Spain to signify subjugation, ownership and domination. The Spanish Conquistadors implemented such through torture, slavery, murder, exploitation and suppression of basic human rights. For 300 plus years, the Spaniards ruled the country with iron hand, stole the country's riches, denied the people academic, moral and cultural advancement, instituted corruption in governance, killed the brightest among the citizenry and stunted growth and enlightenment. The Spanish regime established fiefdoms in the Philippine society creating divisions based on regionalism, material possessions, education, blood relations and positions of power thereby promoting disunity and strife among the people. The name Philippines will always be a reminder of Spanish misrule, abuse injustice and suppression. With the people being ascribed to a foreign despot whose country enslaved and exploited the people, true freedom and independence can not be obtained. It is time to remove the chains from our mind and hearts. The revolution started by Gomburza's martyrdom and Rizal's heroism must be finally won. Our millions of heroes did not die for the name our conquerors stamped on us. We do not deserve to be called Filipinos.