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Wolves, the true Symbol of all that is Wild and Free, are being mercilessly hunted and slaughtered world wide.   Every human excuse one can imagine is used to justify this brutal slaughter.

In the Northwest Territories and Yukon areas of the Canadian Arctic, wolves are targeted in aerial hunts.  Wolves that were collared during the summer, are tracked, leading to others in their packs and then shot down by aerial hunters.  These victims, leave cubs to starve to death!!!    When one wolf is shot, there are those left waiting in fear for their return!!!

Why is this happening…to save the Caribou herds!!!!  That is the excuse given. 

Never mind that wolves, take down the sick, the injured, the old and infirm, guaranteeing that the strongest of the Caribou will survive and pass on their bloodline.

Never mind that the wolves provide for other wildlife, Ravens, foxes and others that dine on the scraps left behind.  They contribute to the survival of others.

Never mind that the Caribou calving and migration routes are negatively being affected by new roads and mining.

Never mind that there are documented and reported incidents of mass Caribou kills, the choicest part of the animal taken and the rest of the meat left to rot on the land.

The above links prove that this is happening!   Slaughter the wolves to save the Caribou so that this can happen time and again!!   It is ILLEGAL to waste any part of the Caribou period!

This petition is being published to hopefully put an end to the slaughter of countless Wolves, their packs, their families and their unborn.

I am not the only one who believes this MUST END now.  Please unite your voices to Defend, Protect and Safeguard the Innocent.