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You promised us free education. It is just right you honour your promise to us and give it

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Some brilliant minds aren't fortunate to attend college because the tuition fee is beyond our parents pockets. During the election campaign YOU promised us free education at the University Of The Bahamas. Are you going to live up to it or just tell us another bogus lie to stay in Government? Do you Believe in Bahamians? Ifso it's just right if you honour your promised because growing up as a child my grandparents taught me, "A promised is a comfort to a fool!!!" .

Then you have a few who go away get trained and never return. Why? Are we braindrained? In a way yes but does The Bahamas have something to offer? No, not really so it is a waste of time for me to return. But if we get help from our own we will not venture out of our own country to attend colleges. We would not go to a college fair and show colleges coaches that we can play volleyball, basketball, softball or track and field to prove that we can compete on the national or the international stage. We do this to put ourselves out there to get scholarships or for international help. Let us look at a few of our Bahamians such as Shaunae Miller did she get help from the government? No. It's regardless of which government is in power as far as I'm concern you are the government so do not cast no blame and let's get real. Is she coming back to work? No I do not believe so. But if the Government honour its promise we will not see Bahamians leaving the country to attend colleges never to return. So can we get our free education at The University Of The Bahamas? 

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