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Elephants are a very important part of Thai history and culture. In fact, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand includes a elephant. The attraction that many look forward too is Elephant trekking also known as riding a Elephant. However, these gentle and intelligent animals face huge amounts of danger and suffering due to human activity that many aren't aware of. This petition is to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The Elephants. I am a Wellington Girls student who is believing for a policy which will protect these sensitive and gentle creatures.

Because elephants won’t humans ride on top of them when first being captured, in order to tame the elephant, it is tortured as a baby to completely break its spirit. “Phajaan” or “the crush” is the name of the process. It involves ripping baby elephants away from their mothers and confining them in a very small space eg. a cage where they are unable to move. That’s only some of the techniques used to train them. The other techniques include being bound so tightly they cannot move and are beaten into submission with sharp tools such as bullhooks. After they’ve been tamed and trained, the mistreatment of the elephants doesn’t stop there. Many of the captors continue to employ bullhooks to control the creatures. Though they may not be stabbing them always like it had been done in training, it’s the fear of being stabbed that's being used to motivate them to work. Many of the elephants die during this training, and those who survive are “in business”. The elephants are then forced to carry tourists around and are often denied food and water for hours and aren’t given any breaks from the extreme heat. Unfortunately the disturbing reality of the Elephant tourism industry is something many aren't aware of, And the worst part is, we pay money for it. We let ourselves be apart of something that would traumatise these Elephants mentally and physically for life only for a couple of dollars. We cannot continue to support this kind of abuse of an animal for our own entertainment.

Your awareness of the issue and support for this petition will be one step in the right direction to save these naturally-intelligent creatures from their torturous, empty lives. Please use your voice for those who cannot.


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