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Demand for the formation of Sammakka-Sarakka District with Mulug Town as the head quarters

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Respected Sir,

I, Dr Sateesh Suthari, S/o. Sarangapani, age: 37 years, R/o. 1-147/2, Mulug Town, Mandal. Mulug, Dist. Warangal   pertain to Mulugu Town, which is a revenue division as per the Constitution of India. The Mulugu area consists of seven Mandals and has been the constituency of State Legislative Assembly and reserved for Schedule Tribe (ST). Above 50% people of Mulugu Constituency belong to tribal community. Of the seven mandals of Mulug Constituency, five exists in the 5th Schedule of Constitution of India, which is a special category. Mulugu Constituency is eligible for district status, i.e. to form Sammakka-Sarakka district with the head quarter of Mulug, the Gate way to the Tribal district (mostly primitive tribe Koyas, Gonds, Naikpods reside). However, the State Government of Telangana on name of public representatives representations is proposed Bhupalapally (Jayashankar) district is against which the Provisions of the Andhra Pradesh District (Formation) Act, 1974 and also against to the 5th schedule of Constitution of India aside the various Judgements of an Apex Court. Hence, we humbly request you to cancel the Bhupalapally (Jayashankar) district on the valid and justifiable grounds.


Mulug town is a Divisional Head Quarters as well as Old Taluk center since long back. It has a traditional history and remote place even in 21st century. When we think scientifically, clearly the map will tell us that Mulug town is centrally located to Bhupalpally, Parkal, Eturnagaram and Narsampet areas of Warangal district and the adjoining Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Manthini L.A.C. of Karimnagar District, Pinapaka, Gundala of Pinapaka L.A.C. and Vazeedu, Addari Venkatapuram and Bhadrachalam L.A.C. of Khammam district.

The area is well known and famous for temples like Sri Ramappa (marvelous architecture), Medaram (Sri Samakka- Saralamma Jathara; the biggest tribal festival in Asia), Mallur Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple were located in Mulug L.A.C. and Eco-tourism site “Laknavaram” (swinging bridge) are along the National Highway (163) in addition to other tourism spots.

As regard to the academics, Mulug Divisional Head Quarters has educational institutions from KG to PG and 100 bedded Govt. Hospital in Mulug and 50 bedded Community Hospital in Eturunagaram.

BILT Rayons factory is situated at Kamalapur village of Mangapet Mandal. The ITDA Project is located in Eturnagaram Mandal in Mulug L.A.C. which is called as a ‘Mini Collectorate’.

Along the downstream of the Ramappa Lake, one and only patch of Canebrakes (Calamus rotang), a protected area, is spread over an area of 42 acres. It is the endemic plant with vast distribution in Telangana State and there are two Wildlife Sanctuaries (Eturnagaram: 806 sq km and Pakhal: 839 sq km) are located in Tadvai, Eturunagaram and Kothaguda Mandals. These both attract the visitors for their aesthetic value.

The sanctuary is rich in pre-historical evidences. The tree fossils are found near Dameravai, which are believed to be Pre-Pleistocene period of Homo erectus people of 1 million years old.

The Mullakatta Bridge across Godavari connects Warangal and Khammam Districts (Vazeedu, Venkatapuram, etc.).

There is huge Reserve Forest on either side of the National Highway and there are scores of wild animals (mammals, birds and reptiles, etc.) live in the Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary. Teak, Rosewood, Yegisa and other tree species and spread in the proposed new district and Bamboo forest is spread across the wildlife sanctuary of Eturnagaram and Tadwai. The dense forest   is a sight to see along either side of 163 NH from Mulugu to Mullakatta Godavari bridge.

Mulug constituency has its credit for iron ore, lime stones, coal, black granite, dolomite, clay and laterite, besides the sand. Mulugu, Ghanpur (Mulugu) and Venkatapur mandals are enriched with granite whereas the dolomite is confined to Mulugu. Mulugu and Kothaguda mandals are famous for clay and the sand is available in Eturnagaram and Mangapet regions. Mallampalli area is famous for iron ores, for industrial development.

Irrigation potential is very high with larger lakes and tanks and with upcoming Godavari Lift Irrigation Project (Devadula) and Kanthanapally Project, Ramappa Lake (5225 acres: water spread area) in Venkatapur Mandal, Laknavaram Lake (9000 acres), Gundlavaagu in Govindaraopet Mandal, Pakala Lake in Narsampet Mandal, Ghanapa Samudram (2665 acres) in Ghanpur (Mulug) and Mallur Vagu Project in Mangapet Mandal. One defloride water grid has been built at a cost of 50 crore at Ramappa lake and supplying drinking water to Mulugu, Ghanpur(M), Venkatapur Mandals of Mulugu & Bhupalpally LAC's.

Mallampally, Jakaram, Mulugu, and Incherla Revenue villages are located along National High way in Mulugu Mandal and District Head quarters can be built up in these Villages. An extent of 1100 acres is to be handed over to the Revenue Department by the Forest Department in Jakaram and Abbapuram Villages, which was deleted from Section-15 Notification by the Government and is in process. Government records show that about 2600 acres surplus land is available at Jakaram on either side of NH-163. Besides, in Venkatapur Mandal thousands of acres of Government land is available in Jawaharnagar village on both sides of NH-163 to build various large buildings for administration purposes to run the government.

There is sufficient ground water available in the Head Quarters of Mulug Constituency. If needed, drinking water may be catered from Godavari Lift Irrigation project and from Lokam Cheruvu of Mulug. Therefore, Mulug is a good contender for district head quarters.

In view of the above facts, I request you to form the Sammakka-Sarakka district by allocating the District head quarter to the Mulugu Town which is very convenient to not only Mulugu Constituency people but also Bhupalapally and with Manthini Constituency people.

With thanks                                                        

Yours sincerely

 (Dr Sateesh Suthari)

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