"Ethical and Affordable Health Care in Telangana"

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Open Letter to Minister for Health, Government of Telangana.

Hon Sir,

People of Telangana and particularly health related incidents keep cropping up and becoming the headlines of national and sometimes international news -we the concerned citizens would like to submit our recommendations and hope that your offices do respond by taking a note and action
1)The incidents taking place in government hospitals in particular and exploitation taking place in private hospitals will be brought to light along with suggestions in an effort to provide remedial solutions
A) -patients rights are seldom posted in government and private hospitals -we request your kind self to make it mandatory to post prominently in public places in government hospitals so that people get educated on what's their rights are -
Prominent among them should be to get treatment fairly and promptly without any discrimination -
At the end of this letter will include pics and samples obtained via internet -
B)The bills are not clearly delineated and split both in government and private hospitals -request the offices to issue a directive to management to split the bills in categories of nursing /oxygen/OR charges /room charges
Sir will be astonished to know during a recent trip to a pvt OBG-Gyn hospital for surgeries they have packages -and These packages are out of reach of middle to even higher class people forget about poor people -came to know that for half an hour surgery procedure when asked for a split oxygen charges were 10K and upon questioning it management reduced it -
Please issue a directive to all management to split the charges and make it subject to review by DMHO and set up a uniform policy and charges
2) Government employees including Doctors should be made accountable by scrutiny about their patients and whom they treat -Sirjee if you are ready to have a conference call will be happy to address how medical practice in western countries are sensitive to patients treatments and documentations and all the while agreeing fully that western standard of care cannot be implemented overnight we are hoping that at least attempts are made in this direction -if you provide emails then can provide more details
3)Health care also requires infrastructure and accurate and advanced technology to cater the needs of modern medicine and if government doctors who are experts surgeons and lacking facilities and using private hospitals -Then the need of the hour is to talk to pvt hospitals and set the pricing of the surgeries and avoid undue surgeries and regulate the price
Lastly sir in this social media post we will not be able to cover but at the back of the mind is the sad news coming frequently out of Telangana which is taking the lives of poor people and hoping that we as NRIs and civil society can contribute to betterment of the lives of people of Telangana -)
Hope in the best interest of people of Telangana your office/s will take a note and respond. Highlighting the same two youngsters Surender & Shashidhar have started #SaveGovernmentHospitalCampign which drawn an serious attention in various sections of society but not the Telangana Government. I hereby request you all to join this signature campaign and tag CMO and Health Minister so it reaches CMO.

Thanks and Regards

Shashidhar Vuppala

Campaigner, Save Government Hospitals.

Surender Thallapelly

Campaigner, Save Government Hospitals.

Dr Jameel Mohammed,

Non-Resident Indian

& Various Civil society members.