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Cleaning of Adyar



 The river Adyar receives a sizeable quantity of sewage from Chennai after reaching Nandambakkam near Chennai. The river is almost stagnant except during the rain season. Rapid industrialisation and urbanisation has led to severe contamination of this river. 

The problem of sedimentation was not severe as the Adyar’s width nearThiru.Vi.Ka. Bridge is nearly 480 metres (1,570 ft) that enabled tidal effect into the waterway for about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi). However, it was essential to provide groynes to keep the river mouth open for adequate width and prevent inundation during monsoon. In 2011, the Water Resources Department (WRD) proposed to construct groynes to reduce formation of sand bars near the mouth the river

Solution :- Government of Tamilnadu should take necessary steps to treat the sewage water properly before letting it into the river and also should take initiative in  creating awareness to the people about treating the sewage through different types of social media. The government should organize awareness programmes . The govt can also take some initiative by just constructing some concrete canals and allowing the sewage water to pass through it and the main water through the river. Later the water can be allowed to pass into the sea water in the Adyar Estuary.

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