Seek compensation to the family of Indian Student Manimaran STV murdered in Paris, France.

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Dear Friends,


An Indian student Manimaran Thangavel was murdered in Paris, France on December 23rd 2016. He belonged to a below middle class family, and was murdered in central Paris just to rob his belongings like Purse, phone etc., and now his family is facing financial crisis, due to his murder.


Case Narrative  :


Manimaran, a 28 year old Indian student was murdered in the central Paris, France. The attack on him was done just to rob his belongings like phone, purse etc. On the day of incident, he was returning from his restaurant work and it has been alleged that a drug addict attacked him with knife inorder to rob him. He was stabbed in chest & the attack was so brutal that Manimaran died within couple of minutes after the attack. Manimaran’s father is a farmer by profession. As we know about the situation of farmers in India and all they have is the small piece of land, and a very low income. Despite being earning of below average, Manimaran’s father Mr. Thangavel mortgaged his land for his son’s higher education in abroad. Courageous step taken by the father was proven right by the son when he acquired permanent engineering job in Paris. It was the misfortune of the late student and his family that he was murdered just 10 days before joining that job. He was living his peaceful life and had no enemies. The murderer became habitual of robbing people especially Indians and Sri Lankan Tamils and used to escape easily everytime. And even after murdering Manimaran, he was roaming free until he robbed another person and another victim was not an Indian. Indians are always soft target for robbery and other atrocity, generally in a fear of getting visa problems for the future Indians don’t used to raise voice against system failure. It is very unfortunate to write here that even I was also robbed and even after getting a favor from the court, I didn’t get my money back after more than 14 months of the court decision. At this moment, recovering my money is the last priority, and you or me should focus on how to help the family of Manimaran & safety of Indians living France.


Help from You :


We want you to not just only sign the petition, but also write the below letter to the public secretary of Tamil Nadu, India. Friends we tried to seek help from many other government organizations and social NGOs, and all we got is disappointment. Manimaran’s friend Anantha ran online donation campaign and we also made a film on his life, and whatever contribution we got 100% of it was given to the family of him. But the amount is not enough for the family to recover the loss of his death. After contacting to government of Tamil Nadu they told me to send an email describing the situation and said will decide after receiving the details. After getting disappointment from so many organizations, this is kind of last opportunity to seek justice, in which I want your help to go further. Like last few cases, I was asked to send email and I did it, but never heard from them after sending. This time, I want you to join me, whether you are sad, angry or down, no matter don’t take rest until you write the email.

It’s an appeal to all of you that please write the below letter to the following emails:

Public secretary of Tamil Nadu Government, India. ,

 Forward to Secretary of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,

Also forward to Minister of External affairs.




Letter :



The Public Secretary,

Government of Tamil Nadu,



Subject : - For seeking compensation for the deceased Indian student in Paris, France.


Respected Sir,

I am writing to voice my deep concern regarding the alleged murder of Indian student Mr. Manimaran Thangavel, from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu on December 22nd , 2016 in Paris, France. He was stabbed in chest and died during his way to hospital & was attacked by the culprit just to rob his belongings like phone, purse etc. Manimaran was living his innocent life and had no enemies in the city.

I was shocked to know that the alleged perpetrator was roaming free for many days until he robbed another person and later in investigation, it was revealed that the same person is the murderer of Mr. Manimaran Thangavel. It is matter of shame that every year more than 100 cases of robbery with Indians staying & visiting in Paris and in many cases, people are unable to recover their lost belongings, but in the case of Manimaran it was not just the robbery it was a murder also. Manimaran was good in academics and was hard working student. By seeing a bright future in him, his father took a loan in order to finance fees for his higher education in Paris. As per expectation Manimaran did hard work and his hard work worked. One of the best example that I would like to mention here is that he got an internship in Spain with a stipend of just 350 Euros per month, despite being such a low income offer, he accepted it as an opportunity to learn. He almost lost 10 kgs in his body weight, but never let his financial crisis to create trouble for his education. During the time of high unemployment in France, he was able to get a full time job as an Engineer. But it was his & his family’s misfortune that he was murdered just few days before joining the job.

Manimaran Thnagavel belonged to a below middle class family. In the month of January, 2018 it was his sister’s marriage and as we all know that how expensive is daughter’s marriage in India is. At this moment his family is not struggling emotionally but also financially. I am appalled that there was no financial help provided to the family by the French government & other NGOs. At last we came to know about your efforts to support Indians, especially people of Tamil Nadu in order to recover their financial loses, so I am appealing you to see the matter seriously and provide compensation to the family with atleast 5 lacs INR.

I hope you contact the family of the victim as soon as possible, and I am providing you contact details which can be noted as :


Contact person : Mr. Thangavel,

Resident of Thirunaraiyur village near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India  


I look forward to your urgent intervention in this matter.


Your’s Sincerely



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Note :- The information provided above is from friends, family members of Manimaran, also from few Social media post & online research. We are not stopping you to visit any country or city. Our intention is not to malign the image of any country’s culture or ethnicity.