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Antisemitic Sects down from the Oil Hill ! NO Mission in Israel !

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Berlin 16. Juli 2017

Shalom alechem lekulam,

today i want to report that a center of a religious group a christian sect (Mormon Church/ Church of Jesus Christ LDS) has a study center on the OIl Hill ! As myself i know this sect teach and support antisemitic doctrins in their church services and temptate jewish and any other persons to their Church ! Therefore they entertain this study center in Israel to have influence of our Land and want Mission Jews !

What is antisemitc in their doctrin??

1. They teach that they are Israel, and just them has right take tithing, Maschiach Comes to USA and just them are Chosen peoples !

2. They claim the priesthood of Aahorn / Levi just for their own church and call other religions including Jews and ´Judaism, and denominations of Christianiy:

"Demonic, "Whore of Babylon" an offend, and false religions !

3. They build temples in whole world and abuse teachings of tenach for their occult freemason rituals, abusing with prayers and "blessings" citizens worldwide, towards of professions, and Universities, Students and any other Persons of the Public, Justice, Court, Politic, and Science !

4. Their Temple Ritauls was create from Freemeasons wighin unauthorized Kabbalah power / Wizardcraft ! 

Here a report of the impact of Liberality of those sects and their practice:

As they can recognize I am a Jew and wanted to the values of my religion, enlighten and on circumstance references bez. The verifiability of perpetrators of occult abuse! As is known in cases of proven ritual abuse of the offense bodily harm is effective. But there are also other circumstances that can lead to much worse consequences in people who do not know anything about what others are planning to do, whether they are individuals or even entire ethnic groups can have devastating consequences! How this functioned I explained below in an example in english! People who suffer from such attacks are weak, have no religious values, are abused or ignorant, etc. might feel compelled to act which can have serious consequences for them and third on their physical spiritual wellbeing, leading to religious fanaticism to violent terrorism can ! Thus, in addition to the above, other facts are also to be found: attempted murder / manslaughter, deprivation of liberty, indirect support for terror and warlike acts, criminal acts as a whole of the STGB and BGB! I can only advise them as responsible forces in the FRG and Europe to take measures to inform people and to pass laws that prevent these machinations! To limit the esoteric market and to think about how to draw the boundaries of medical practitioners / psychotherapists, to consider occult sects and their practices in their "temples"! In the case of the Mormons, which as far as I know, also practice Occult Freemason rituals, if this has not already happened, investigator investigations should be made about the real motivations of the leaders, in relation to the practice of Toentaufe! As a source of information, this link is given to you about the Dead Baptism and NSDAP and Waffen SS leadership ascend! In this context, we should mention the following: 1. The permission of the state churches in the FRG to the Mormon sects to archive and archive all the church records of the archives, where also the personalities of the Nazi regime are contained. 2. The award of the status "KöfR" the religious groups share in the state power! 3. The dead baptisms as mentioned above! 4. The fact that the data and their use for the temple rituals are regulated by your guide, but this is not observed in practice! 5. Is the relation that this facts bring to the opinion, could Mormons and their practice be a part of the upcoming of the NEO National Movement in Europe and other parts of the World ?? This also leads to the fact that research is conducted in families, where it is no longer recognizable whether they belong to the family at all, and thus abuse of data. In the case of the records of the register of registers is nevertheless recognizable where ancestors lived and one can determine the connection in the family: In church books but this context is not recognizable, and is understandable! Thus I recommend that the Mormons prohibit the archiving and use of all data of the church books before 1875 and delete all data!


Jews, Israelis, Brethren act now ! Call on them, to leave the Oil Hill, sell your property, and leave us jews in peace with our religion and country ! If Christians call us devils because we not wnat follow their religion and Synagogs of SATAN what you want in our country ??? Put away yor blessings from our Land, call upon us since this church excist ! It is better for you, as a act of charity to your souls, because what you call "bless" is in reality a "curse" for us and the country !

The mist what i wrote is fact, some ghings we can not know is suggestion and arguably ! 

Toda Rabba ve Shavua Tov !



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