Ban Three Wheelers from City of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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The majority of the three wheelers(tuk tuk) that drive on the roads of the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a menace to the other vehicles as they do not obey any traffic rules and drive all over the road without any respect for other vehicles or human beings. The basic reason for this is that the majority of the drivers are from the low income illegal settlers in Colombo city. As their very nature is to disobey the laws of the country they tend to do the same when they are driving their three wheelers. Although three wheelers provide a quick way to travel inside the city it has created lots of problems to other people. The traffic has increased due to the unruly driving patterns of these vehicles. They never follow the lanes, they overtake from the left and do all the illegal things on the road that you can't even imagine.  If you look at the statistics I'm sure that these three wheelers have contributed to the majority of the accidents. The other vehicle drivers and the people if Colombo will surely agree and will even add something more about the disaster created by these unruly drivers and their three wheelers. Therefore as a steadily developing country we should rid these vehicles from at least the main city of the country which will also beutify the city as an added advantage.

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