Remove ban of alcohol and tobacco sales

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As much as we agree on the lockdown and believe it is in the best interest of the country, we are seeming to ignore other issues. If our health is so important why are we ignoring the aspects of our mental health. we seem to be fighting one disease while ignoring the rest . Let's remove the ban of cigarettes and alcohol. We have a looming mental health issue which is just as big as our economic issue. Read below aswell as countries not enforcing the alcohol ban based on this .

People are already breaking into bottle stores and robbing homes for ciggarettes 

JOHANNESBURG - Drug abuse support groups are calling on government to relax the ban on alcohol and cigarettes.


Chairperson of the South Africa Network of People Who Use Drugs, Shaun Shelly, says the abrupt withdrawal from products could have detrimental for addicts.if you stop drinking alcohol rapidly you develop withdrawal symptoms and something called derilium tremens, which is a form of delirium where you lose touch with the world and it can be life threatening. About 4% of people who develop DT can actually die"