Afriforum is a Hate & Racist Organisation. Arrest Kriel & Roets for sedition & treason.

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Afriforum openly declares that the US and other countries must overthrow the current ANC Government as it supposedly supports so-called genocide against white farmers. Their spurious claims that white farmers and white in general are being targeted for genocide has been condemned with contempt even by white scholars and many other research groups and individuals. The call by Afriforum is blatantly seditious and treasonous in the extreme - in fact, both Ernst Roets and Kallie Kriel should be locked up and charged with Sedition and High Treason for their demand that a democratically elected government be violently and militarily overthrown.

Afriforum CEO Kallie Kriel claims that Apartheid was not a crime against humanity and for that alone he needs to be jailed as people are jailed in Germany for being Holocaust Denialists. 

We call on the South African government and Presidency to proscribe and outlaw Afriforum as a bona fide Hate and Racist Group, and their members arrested and tried for both sedition and treason.