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The implementation of minimum wage has been an ongoing debate between Singaporean authorities. We are four Grade 10 students from UWCSEA passionate about the subject of income inequality in Singapore and are keen to bring about a change. Poverty in Singapore, although scarcely perceptible, is a relevant issue. According to Channels News Asia, 41% of elderly workers currently suffer from poverty in comparison to 13% in 1995. This is because there isn't a stable minimum wage and as a result several elderly workers are compelled to work for insignificant amounts like $6 a day.

We believe that the minimum wage shouldn't be too little and therefore insignificant, yet also not too high and affect Singapore's price competitiveness. Hopefully, the government acknowledges our proposal and decides on a minimum wage that is suitable and beneficial for all and generally acceptable. 

We believe that your contribution to the cause by signing this petition will assist our cause immensely. We hope to develop a distinct voice that can reach out to the powerful authorities of the Singaporean government and make them re-evaluate their wage policies. We believe that giving everyone equal opportunities is a humane thought that should be encouraged and put into action.

Thank you so much for your contribution to this relevant issue!

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