Tuition Deduction for U of R Students in 2020-2021 Academic Year

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We, the student representatives at the University of Regina demand a reduction in our tuition and miscellaneous fees for the upcoming academic term(s) due to transition into online classes regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not fair to charge students a full amount of fee when the University is not able to provide complete essential services such as libraries, labs, fitness centers, lectures on campus, etc. Students who normally save money from their summer jobs for school in fall, will not be able to do that this year because their jobs have been interrupted. 

We understand the effort that the University Administrations have offered during this challenging time. However, as the representatives of our diverse student groups, we have to keep fighting for the wellness of our fellow students. We do not want to see students dropping out of school because they are not capable of paying full tuition fees due to circumstances out of their control (COVID). Whether we are domestic, international, or students with disabilities; we all suffer hardships from different aspects of our life. The harsh requirements for CERB and CESB have closed the door for many of our students who are the most vulnerable groups.  International students are especially hard hit because they do not qualify for the government relief programs and yet are required to pay triple tuition. YOUR students are struggling to maintain essential supplies such as food, water, internet, etc. Again, we would just state the fact:  Large numbers of students have lost their jobs due to COVID.  This doesn’t just affect international students either, most students who are single-parents can no longer dedicate the needed attention to perform well academically when they only receive a few aids from the government.

Thus, a partial reduction in tuition and miscellaneous fees to accurately reflect the services provided, and to reopen the essential academic services are the right thing to do and would be a tremendous help to your students! In return, the University of Regina will receive great appreciation from students who will tell their friends and families on social media about this act of kindness during critical times. Moreover, the University of Regina will receive an opportunity to stand out amongst other institutions as a front runner of this national student movement that protects the wellness of their student groups beyond empty claims and public statements. 

We truly hope the Senior Administrators at the University of Regina will understand our standpoint, and will support our student groups.  Please give us the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss further the distinct needs of our students in the face upcoming Fall semester.


Chilombo Mwela  


U of R African Club

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U of R Korean Students’  Association

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