Saskatchewan should proclaim national sovereignty and become an independent country.

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After decades of abuse, inequality, and the vast differences between the eastern and western provinces it has become obvious that our beliefs and morals are much different than those out east. With the latest outcome of the federal election showing proof of this fact. When with solid evidence and proven corruption and obstruction of justice at the highest levels is neither arrested, charged, nor held accountable.  And then elected back into power by the eastern part of the country, as our votes have no influence or power.  Goes against what people in Saskatchewan thought was to be Canadian. When half the country would rather decimate our economy while importing oil from nations with little to no care to the environment,  and less to those of a minority through murder and torture. We are vastly different.  When half the country would place our veterans lives in danger by lack of medical funding, as well as fight against them in court amongst numerous other neglected human rights. Then we are vastly different.  When the east supports a party that demotes then excommunicates 2 candidates for exposing corruption and the same supporters turn their backs on the whistle blowers and vote them out of their seat with a replacement of the corrupt party. We are more than vastly different.  We are worlds apart. These are only a few of the differences.  Although we want to leave to form a new country, we are in actuality leaving to preserve our beliefs of what it is to be Canadian.  Along with other neighboring provinces.  We are a unique people. And by severing the ties with the east will allow us to keep our distinctive high morals and beliefs in equality and freedom flourishing.  With hopes our neighbors would join us.