End the teacher sanctions and get back extra-curricular activities for the students.

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In Saskatchewan majority of the high school students do not enjoy coming to school every day. In fact, if you were to ask the average high school student what they enjoy about school they would say either seeing their friends, or to go to the extra-curricular activities. Sadly, due to the teachers union strikes those activities have been cancelled. This is taking away a great deal of joy from majority of the students, which can really harm a teenagers state of mind. When there is no activity to give you joy, you lose all motivation to go to the building in which they used to take place.

Growing up we would always hear our parents and teachers tell us to become more involved in our school. They told us that it would give us something to do, and give us the opportunity to have a better social life. All of sudden things are changed and we are no longer to participate in those activities. We also always hear that we need to enjoy high school while it lasts because life gets much harder afterword. How are we supposed to enjoy this time without the activities that gave us a great deal of this joy. 

If the communities stays silent then the government won't give the teachers union what they want. Everything will only get worse the longer this goes on. The community needs to show the government that this is not a laughing matter and that these activities are important to everyone. If everyone shows there passion for this issue then change will happen, and that is necessary for this generation to grow for the future.