An appeal to the Government of St Lucia to remove all Nurses on sessional contracts.

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Saint Lucia is currently facing an increase in cases of COVID 19. This pandemic has forced the government of Saint Lucia to seek help overseas. Seeking assistance of over 100 Nurses and doctors from Cuba as the Human Resources in St Lucia is limited. This action proves that the Government acknowledges that Nurses are needed. We welcome the team from Cuba with open arms but we cannot ignore that our Nurses need to be treated better. Many Saint Lucian Nurses are hired on sessional contracts.Some of these contracts are as low as 3 months which means the nurse would be signing one every 3 months. Some Nurses have been on these contracts for years now. These contracts have no benefits, no uniform allowance, No vacation with Pay, No overtime pay, and so on. These Nurses get paid by cheque and never get paid on time so salary for March will be received mid April if they are lucky.With this contract the bank won’t give loans, there is lack of stability and Nurses feel demotivated but are silently enduring this due to fear of non renewal of contracts and victimisation. However, many of these nurses are currently putting their life on the line to save Saint Lucia.  We need better for our Nurses. Please help by signing this petition to put an End to sessional contracts for our Nurses. Give back to your community Nurses, Emergency room Nurses, Respiratory clinic Nurses,  Polyclinic Nurses  and Port Health Nurses who are in the frontline by signing this petition.