Ban animal circuses

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Recently we got through the news of a bear attacking its handler in a circus at Russia. It was very horrifying and even more depressing to see the plight of the circus animals. These animals belong to the wild . Giving them a life of captivity and forced trainings throughout their lives will obviously effect their mental health in some way or the other . This is not the first case of an animal attack in the circuses  Even earlier we have come across these type of incidents. 

According to the International Convention for the Protection of Animals, 

Article 2 states that "Life has intrinsic value. No animal should be killed unnecessarily or be subjected to cruel acts or to unnecessary suffering . "

Article 3 states that " When humans have control over specific animals they have a positive obligation to provide these animals with an environment and care appropriate for the species."

Kindly take this case into consideration. A ban on animal circuses will not only change the life of these animals but will also prevent such type of incidents from happening and causing any harm to the general public or the circus authorities.