Save our trees.

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Ludhiana is an industrial city with a huge population and limited green cover. Most of the full grown trees were found on the roadsides which have been cut for expanding the existing roads. Cutting mature trees have caused loss of habitat for birds, small animals, insects etc and increased the level of harmful gases in the air. The roads lack any shade, are dusty and are an eyesore. 

Whenever there is a plan to widen the roads or make flyover bridges, trees are cut with impunity. I request the government to consult the residents before planning new infrastructure. The elevated Ferozepur road was not required in the first place, but the damage has already been done. The roads should be planned so that the existing trees are not cut. If there is no alternative,  the trees should be moved to another place without damaging them. I request the government to put a complete ban on cutting of trees or else we will be a city of concrete with trees only painted on walls. 

I request everyone to support me in saving our city's limited green cover. We need trees for fresh air to breathe, to have birds chirping in our neighborhood, to soothe our eyes when we step out, and much more.

We can do it "TOGETHER".