Please help to stop the closure of our only animal Shelter in the West Bank!

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Innocent animals are killed and tortured on a daily basis in the West Bank.

We, the Animal and Environment Association - Bethlehem Palestine are the first and only shelter for stray dogs and cats, dealing with this matter in a very humane way via spaying neutering , vaccinating and rehoming. The municipalities and locals spread poison everywhere and sometimes shooting the poor dogs . Many puppies are left without their mothers, killed , abused, injured by car accidents, broken parts, eaten by maggots etc.  All of the work that we do is purely to help the voiceless animals.

We have asked the municipalities to work with us in a spaying , neutering releasing program, but none supported us in that.  Despite our limited space, funds, resources and support, we try our best to help rescue as many abused animals; working day and night to help ensure a more safe and secure life for them. We also educate school children about the importance of loving and respecting animals and in ensuring their welfare.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of rules and regulations in place for the welfare and protection of animals, innocent animals are badly mistreated, tortured and left to die.

Recently, we have been receiving severe pressure and problems from several individuals who are unhappy with our work as it prevents them from being successful in their evil motives of money, power and cruelty to animals and also the municipality of Beit Sahour who have unfairly provided us with a notice for the closure of our animal shelter. Deadline is: 2nd of January 2019.

They have made various attempts in finding ways to brainwash organisations including the Health Sector against us and also falsely accusing us of contaminating the area and water - which is a lie and they have no evidence against us - they are just adamant to force us to leave.

It is our humble and desperate request to please support, promote and share this petition to stop the closure of our shelter. If our shelter is closed, it would mean that these innocent animals will be left to starve, being tortured and killed in the streets. We need this petition to go global and reach people, organisations and the media on an International level who can assist us by taking action and in being the voice for the voiceless!! 

UPDATE: 19/12/2018: Today, someone broke into the cat’s shelter area and unlocked the door, so some cats got out. They put poison in their safe area. 8 cats died today. People are actually breaking into our shelter and killing our animals. This is absurd, just absurd. We don’t know what else to say. We have told authorities but no one seems to care, and everyone turns their back the other way. We also know for a fact that authorities have put poison around the shelter, so we are up against a horrible and cruel society. Let’s pray for them.

Please HELP! :( 

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