Separate lane for ambulances and rescue vehicles

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As we see everyday people in emergency situations are stuck in bad traffic and routes of the politicians and many other haphazardness like protests and rallies, there should be a separate lane for the emergency vehicles especially ambulances. People’s beloved die because they could not get to the hospital in time, screaming pragnent women often have to give birth in their vehicles because they cannot reach the health centre. Fire brigades reach the desired building or area after it is completely burnt. What is the point of placing that red glowing light on the top of such vehicles if they are treated just like any other vehicle, nobody is willing to give way to the ambulances or rescue vans, people hear the siren and then nothing; even if someone wants to give way to those vehicles they cannot because of blocked traffic mainly because of stupid gatherings and rallies of our stupid politicians or because of protests. 

My request to everyone is to please please try to care a little about the people in hard situations on roads and make way for them. Sign this petition if you agree. Thanks