#SayNoToWar Between Pakistan and India

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The ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan have brought both nuclear powers on the brink of a war they cannot afford. A war between the two nations will bring a lot of harm to the precious lives of both Pakistanis and Indians. Think of the lives that will be lost, the families who will be impacted, the infrastructural damage, and so much more. This petition is a call for peace to both countries. A conflict that can be solved peacefully, does not need military action. We urge the governments of both nations to come forward and resolve their conflicts through peace talks, and prevent the issue from escalating. 

This is not a question of ability, both countries have military powers and the ability to start this war. This is a question of our humanity, and the importance of peace in the world today. We need to learn from events of the past (like previous wars), and stop this conflict before it gets out of hand.

Say no to war.